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2020 Summer Youth Leadership Academy

Check out yet another great summer opportunity for our youth!

For more details and to register, click YOUTH LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. Applications are due by June 18th.


Voc Rehab Virtual Summer Camp Opportunities

This summer IVRS is again running a virtual summer camp to keep students engaged, work on pre-employment transition activities and have some fun! This is open and available to any student that may already have a IVRS file as well as those that don’t yet – but have an IEP, 504 or health/mental health issues.  They do not have to open an IVRS file, but the student/parent would have to sign one of our referral forms. The flyer below outlines all of the events for the summer, including a live link that parents/students can use to register.  Please feel free to forward this out to your students/parents. 

Registration Deadline: May 31st.

Click here to Register: (Registrations after May 31st will not receive the supplies or t-shirt.)

You can attend any or all of these events, but you do need to register. If you are not sure who your Voc Rehab Counselor is, you can find out by clicking HERE and searching for your school. So, register now for some free summer fun!


Together We Can Conference


This is a statewide conference for individuals with disabilities, their families, and the people who support them.
In response to video fatigue, the TWC Conference Partners are unpacking this year’s conference offerings. Join engaging Keynote Sessions that represent the usual conference tracks. Experience fun virtual activities for the kids (and the whole family) to replace the childcare activities. Enjoy a gift box delivered right to your door in place of the exhibitor fair.
As always, the TWC Conference is FREE to attend!  Attend one “Unpacked” 2021 TWC Event, or attend them all!




To see the complete form, click HERE


Parent Gathering on Thursday, April 8th, and some info on guardianship

Parents Gathering

Thursday, April 8, 2021

6:00 -7:00 pm

Join by ZOOM

or call: 1-312-626-6799 Meeting ID: 920 0435 1957

Many parents have asked about finding a lawyer in Iowa to do the Guardianship. Here is the link to Find a Lawyer:

This doesn’t have every lawyer in Iowa listed. It is recommended to talk to other parents, teachers, case managers, etc. regarding who they may have used. FYI: Parents are paying $400 – $2,000 for a simple guardianship.


Vitals for Transition: How to Apply for Waiver Services – the Nuts & Bolts (part 2)

We had a very educational part two of our How to Apply for Waiver Services: the Nuts & Bolts Zoom @ Noon today. We would especially like to thank Beth Will for being such an outstanding guest presenter!  She is AWESOME!

If you were not able to join us live today, the recording of our Zoom @ Noon can be found under our EVENTS tab, and then under the 2020-2021 AEA Zoom Recordings tab.   A quick link is also below:

A copy of the Powerpoint for all of the recording are also listed under each separate video.   The one for this Zoom link can also be accessed below:

Vitals in Transition Waiver, the Nuts and Bolts Jan 12, 2021

We hope this information is helpful in working with students, teachers, and families!


Join us for our next Vitals for Transition on Tuesday, January 12th @ noon

Mark your calendars to join us for part two of our How to Apply for Waiver Services on Tuesday, January 12th @ noon via Zoom.  In December, we had two guest presenters share some excellent information on maneuvering the world of waivers and explaining the differences between the main four waivers our school students may be eligible for.

The January topic is How to Apply for Waivers:  The Nuts & Bolts (part 2).  Beth Will has graciously agreed to be our guest presenter once again!

The Zoom Meeting link for our 30-minute session is:

If you missed the first session on Waivers, you can find the recording under the EVENTS tab on this website. Both the recording and the PowerPoint are linked for your reference.



How to Apply for Waiver Services

If you were unable to join us for our Vitals in Transition: Zoom @ Noon today, we had two exceptional ladies, Beth Will and Eileen Skogerboe, share their expertise with us regarding Waivers. You can watch the video under our EVENTS tab: AEA Zoom Recordings – 2020-21.


A copy of the PowerPoint (with links) is also available under the video on the AEA Zoom Recordings, and is also linked HERE

We hope you will join us for Part 2 in this series on Tuesday, January 12th @ noon.


Vitals in Transition – Para’s Role in the Transition Process

If you weren’t able to join us for our last Vitals on November 3rd, the topic was Para’s Role in the Transition Process.

The video and pdf of the PowerPoint can be found under the EVENTS TAB, and look in the AEA Zoom Recordings: 2020-2021 folder. That is where all of our Vitals are posted.

Join us for our next Vitals on Dec. 8th at noon. Our topic will be How to Apply for Waiver Services. We hope you can join us then!


Secondary Transition Updates

Kirsten Lane, Secondary Transition Program Facilitator for the Iowa Department of Education, shared a few updates around Secondary Transition in Iowa as we navigate this school year with so many changes.  While these updates are relatively brief, she hopes they can provide some support and resources for you and  your teams as you are returning to school this year. 

Iowa Secondary Transition Learning Community (ISTLC):  This will be the second year of the ISTLC. We will continue to offer webinars that will be recorded, and all past sessions are included in the link above.  For any new staff you may have at the secondary level, please consider sharing the Transition 101 resources in the tab to the right. 


Regular Diploma and  Our first students to be impacted by the change in rules for regular diploma will be juniors this year!  It is critical that IEP teams are reviewing graduation dates and progress toward graduation with all students with IEPs.  For students who may have been following an individualized pathway with alterations to the standards/expectations in coursework and documentation towards graduation needs to catch up with the instruction that has taken place, you may want to consider using a template to help you take a look back and document the progress.  Feel free to modify this however it best fits for your district/students.  

Transcript Notations:  Related to regular diploma and are questions about transcripts when standards have been modified for a student.  Please take into account the following guidance as you work with your teams around planning for and documenting graduation requirements on transcripts:

“A notation on the transcript cannot identify the student as qualifying for special education services.  Wording such as “special education goals” and IEP goals” for example or any other terminology that would identify the student as entitled for special education services may not be used. The wording “modified standard” is a legal notation, however, so long as modifications are available to any other student. Research recommends noting modified standards on permanent records and transcripts the same way it is done on the report card; by placing an asterisk (*) or some other symbol beside each grade that is based on a modified standard and then indicating on the form that this means the grade or mark is based on modified standards.  No other information regarding the nature of the modification is needed as students may need modifications for a variety of reasons. This notation is imperative for honesty and accuracy in the information being reported for college and career decisions.”


Return 2 Learn support – Secondary Transition:  This document was developed by a statewide team and provides resources and tools for virtual/hybrid and in person learning.  There are also tips for applying effective transition planning practices through the use of the Iowa Transition Model. It was shared statewide in August and is a part of the Compendium of Resources for Special Education.  


Transition to Adulthood: Webinar Series for Families of Youth with Special Health Care Needs

This webinar series is designed for Iowa parents, legal guardians, and caregivers of transition-aged youth (12-21 years old) with special health care needs. Session topics will include issues involved in the transition of youth to adult health care and specialty services.

TO REGISTER: Click here 

For questions contact:

  • Diane Brenneman at or 319-356-8637
  • Rachell Swanson-Holm at or 515-955-8326

See the flyer below for all of the upcoming topics.  This is some great information to share with our schools and families!