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March 27, 2013

Transition Continuous Improvement Process ….is transition planning!

by Diane Twait Nelsen

The Transition Department at Prairie Lakes AEA is busy with many things this time of year including our annual Transition Continuous Improvement Process reviews.  The Transition Continuous Improvement Process (TCIP) has been in place in  for five years now…and I am proud to say has stayed the course through a few changes but is still doing what it was intended to do… the six critical elements of transition in our AEA’s special education IEPs and create a learning system to help our teachers with their work in helping  plan for the future of their students.  Understanding how student strengths, needs, preferences, student assessments and post high school expectations all align in transition planning can make a huge difference to student outcomes.  The TCIP is a learning process.    We have developed a TCIP feedback form for teachers that helps explain needed changes and celebrate well outlined plans.    Sometimes after the TCIP review,  an IEP may require changes/amendments, but more and more we are seeing ones that are meeting the criteria for all six of the critical elements of transition!  That’s data I am proud to see….but more importantly that is great news for our students and their futures! Better student outcomes and results…. that’s what our work is all about!  If you have any questions about the TCIP reviews please feel free to contact one of the transition coordinators-we would be glad to share the process with you!

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