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April 16, 2013

Thanks Sean & Karen, and Landmark College!

by Elaine Cook

We have a wonderful training last Wednesday, April 10th, in spite of the winter weather up north!  Sean Roy, from the PACER Center, and Karen Thompson, from the ASK Resource Center offered a wealth of information to help us think outside the box when it comes to work opportunities for our students.  It was great to work in groups and to have time to brainstorm.

Sean shared an excellent resource from Landmark College for parents and students, that has a simple checklist to see if students are prepared for the challenges of college level work.  The guide is called “Guide to Assessing College Readiness:  for Parents of College-Bound Children with Learning Disabilities or AD/HD.”  It breaks the questions down into five categories with five questions each:  Academic Skills, Self-Understanding, Self-Advocacy, Executive Function, and Motivation and Confidence.

To give you a taste, the five questions in the Academic Skills category are:

1. Can you read up to 200 pages in a week?
2. Do you have a system for taking notes?
3. Can you write a paper of 10 or more organized pages that refers to two or more sources?
4. Do you have a system for preparing for tests and exams?
5. Can you clearly summarize a college-level reading assignment?

This resource is a great way to open up a conversation with your child/student.  Check it out, and use it whenever you need it.  And thanks to Landmark College for developing such a great tool!

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