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April 24, 2013

Chance to Practice Online Job Applications!

by Elaine Cook

Today’s employers are incorporating a new twist in the world of job applications:  Employment Kiosks.

More and moreRiley Guide companies are using self-service kiosks, where prospective applicants fill out the initial job application online.  This is an advantage for the employer because they can sort and screen large numbers of applicants.  This can be a disadvantage for some students who need additional time to read and adjust to touch-screen  technology.

The Riley Guide offers some great tips to share with your students to help them be better prepared for this new  application technique:

  • Allow enough time (20-30 minutes) for this process.  Some employment kiosks will time out if the application is not completed within a specific time frame
  • Bring a copy of their resume along – including the names of  references and addresses – for easy reference

The Riley Guide has developed an on-line job application that your students can use for practice before attempting to complete the real thing.  Go to RILEY GUIDE – JOB SEARCH  and follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to “Sample and Practice Job Applications
  • Click the second bullet:  Online Job Application Form (no data will be saved)

This website is excellent to help prepare students for the new era of electronic  job applications using kiosks.  They are becoming more and more commonplace.  (Check out your Walmart next time you are there!)

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