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May 2, 2013

Certainly doesn’t look like May??

by Elaine Cook


Well, well, well… it’s hard to imagine that we are in the final countdown with our students when so many  schools were either LATE or CANCELLED altogether because of SNOW!  For those of you who can’t imagine, here is a pic of just some of the snow… (note:  the beautiful snow lined evergreens in the background!)   On the upside, we know that this will be gone as quickly as it came, and soon we will be complaining that it is too hot.

As we wind down the school year,  you are all busily finishing either the SAR or the Post-Secondary Summary for your graduating seniors.  If you have any questions about either of those forms, please let your transition coordinator  know!

It is also an important time to remind your juniors of things they can do to help them be prepared for their senior year.  Just of few of those are:

  • Visit colleges this summer.  Almost all colleges have “Senior Visit Days” already scheduled.  This is a great time to go and see different colleges to help narrow down the options.  Simply go to their website and see when they are! Most require the students to sign up online so they have a number count.  Students may also talk to your high school guidance counselor for more information on these summer dates.
  • If  your students are thinking about attending a community college, encourage them to apply NOW!  There are no application fees, and this is one less thing they need to do next fall.   This can easily be done online.
  • COMPASS test:  If they are considering attending a community college, they should take the COMPASS test, and remind them that this is a test they need to try their best on…. because it will determine what level of Math, English, and Writing courses they will begin with once they start college.
  • Review their schedules for next fall:  Are there any specific classes that your district offers which would help them attain their postsecondary goal?  Taking a challenging class in high school is much safer than taking it in a new college setting with unfamiliar instructors.

It is easy to get into the “we’re almost done” mode, but let’s continue to help our students be as prepared for that next step as possible, whether they will soon be graduating, or they will soon be starting their last year of high school.

Now, go out and make a snowman… it has GOT to be our last chance to do that this spring, right??

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