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August 27, 2013

Thinking Past Tomorrow……

by Diane Twait Nelsen

The old saying “Do what you can today and don’t worry about tomorrow” has been one that has bothered me for years.  Yes, it is important to do your best each and everyday in your work life and personal life but I have always felt we need to think about tomorrow and actually need to “think past tomorrow”.  That’s what transition planning is all about…..looking at where a student is today, working on what’s needed for tomorrow and thinking past tomorrow to the future.  Great transition planning keeps today, tomorrow, and the future in mind!  In order to help our students become the best that they can be we must think past tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s hard to do as a parent, teacher, or even as a student, but keeping future goals in mind helps build purpose.  Students who are aiming for positive results in their future generally do better in their day to day work.  So how are you helping your students “think past tomorrow” ?  Are you weaving information about careers and occupations into your daily work?  Do you emphasize soft skills that will help students land jobs and keep their jobs?  Do you have students practice introductions and greetings when they meet new people?  Do you talk about the skills students need to be successful in post secondary programs like community colleges, tech/trade schools, universities, etc.?  If you have been doing some innovative things with your students to help them “Think Past Tomorrow”….let’s us know.  Add a comment to this blog or talk to or email your ideas to your transition coordinator!  We would love to share ideas that work for teachers as they help students “Think Past Tomorrow”!

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