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October 2, 2013

New IEP: Where is the Development of Work Box?

by Elaine Cook

We hope you are all getting the hang of the new IEP form by now.   One important transition change we want to highlight involves the old Development of Work box on Page F (the services page) of the previous IEP.  Even though it now has a new title and a new look, it is still recommended to include this box on all secondary transition IEPs.

The old Development of Work box is now the “Transition Activities & Supports” box on the new IEP.

To add it, when you go to page F, click on the Activities tab:

You will need to add a box for the activity, so choose “Transition Activities & Supports” from the Select category drop down menu and click ADD.  (See the example below.)

IEP snipit

After you have added  the new box, type the same information here as  you would have in the old Development of Work box on the previous IEP form.  If you need help with possible suggestions for this section, please contact one of the transition coordinators and we will gladly help you with possible suggestions.

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