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October 28, 2013

The Medical field…….many opportunities …….many options

by Diane Twait Nelsen

Again I have had the opportunity to have some first person experience that encourages me to blog to all of you.  I recently had same day out patient surgery at one of our local hospitals and again I was amazed at the number of people I interacted with before the day was done.  Being me, and with a slow weekend at home recuperating, I had plenty of time to think of the work opportunities I saw on Friday.  My mother (my driver) and I arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am and here is the list of people we encountered that day… valet, janitorial staff, greeter, same day surgery receptionist, hospital billing clerk, same day surgery registered nurse, anesthesiologist, certified nursing assistant (CNA) for same day surgery wing,  doctor, surgical nurses (2), surgical tech, recovery nurse, recovery CNA, hospital housekeeper, and my mom also had coffee at coffee shop where there were two people working, and visited the gift shop where there was one person working.    So lets count the workers up that we personally encountered-19 people!  In a short same day hospital stay I encountered 19 people working in some way or the other for the hospital!  And of course that’s not talking about all the behind the scenes people I didn’t encounter but who were busy that morning making a difference to my stay….the lab technicians, lab assistants, the computer network people, the hospital maintenance staff, the kitchen/cafeteria staff ect.  What I am actually trying to bring to your attention is that there is a variety of opportunities for many people to work in a hospital setting-or the medical field.  Many times we have students who want to enter the medical field….but the only jobs that they are thinking about are those that require extensive academic training that may or may not match their personal strengths and abilities….but what I want you as parents, teachers, and students to think about are the many support positions needed to keep a hospital setting working……the job field opens up greatly!   We need to encourage students to look at all options.   Thinking about these jobs and options for our students puts 21st century skills at the forefront….students need to understand how to follow directions,interact appropriately with others,  dress for success, be prompt, on time, and reliable, and be ready and willing to work!  I encourage you as parents and teachers, and as students thinking about the future to look at jobs and work sites like I did this last week… there an area there you would like to find out more about?  A job or a career interest to explore?  These are important conversations to have!  And don’t forget your school counselors and transition coordinators are also  people who can assist you in looking at future options!

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