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January 23, 2014

“I’m Determined” website

by Elaine Cook

The next several posts will probably pertain to the many great things that we saw and learned when we I'm Determined Logoattended the International DCDT Conference in Williamsburg, VA.  One of the sessions we attended was presented by youth from the Virginia Department of Education’s “I’m Determined Project.”  Their focus is on the importance of self-advocacy skills for all students.

The I’m Determined  website has lots of great tips and resources to use.  One simple one that can help your students learn to advocate more is called the “One-Pager”.   It can help students visually record their strengths, interests, preferences and needs.  It also allows the student to upload a  short video clip.  (to download the one-pager template with the video link, go to I’m Determined home page and download it on your computer.) This could be an “all about me” segment, or “things I want you to know about me” or whatever.  This sheet could be a very simple way to help get students involved in sharing at their IEP meetings, and allow them to begin finding their voice!

The website has separate tabs for educators, parents and youth which offer additional resources for each group.

And the site has a user-friendly Transition Guide that is broken into four parts:

  • Independent Living
  • Employment
  • Post-Secondary Education & Training, and
  • Self-Determination.

Each has a variety of information you may find helpful for you/your student/your child.  Check it out!

~ Elaine

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