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March 19, 2014

Summer Jobs……it’s not to early to be thinking about the possibilities!

by Diane Twait Nelsen

In this busy early spring season summer jobs are sometimes the last things on our minds.  Students who want to have part time or full time employment this summer need to start thinking about it sooner rather than later.  Summer jobs are sometimes difficult to find especially in small towns and rural areas.  Here’s some tips to help you kick start your search:

1)  Make a list of jobs that you would be willing to do and are able to do in your community…..consider your transportation needs, your summer sport or camp schedules, and family vacations.  Pick your top five possibilities.

2)  Share that list with your parents…..ask for their input…..maybe a part time job in another community that is only a short driving distance away could be worked out … won’t know until you have discussed it.

3) Figure out finances….how much will you need to make per hour to justify gas expenses?  Will you need to buy uniforms or have any other expenses that you will be expected to cover?

4) Get your name out….use your network!  Talk to family, friends, and school staff!  Go to businesses and ask if they will be hiring for summer, and if they are, ask for an application!

5)  Put your best self forward when visiting potential job sites, dress appropriately, research the business or the job ahead of time,

6)  Keep trying, apply to multiple places if possible, don’t just wait for one job or business to come through.

7) If you don’t get a job consider volunteering!  Many times volunteer positions will lead to a paying position, and even if they don’t they are a great way to strengthen your resume and application and learn new skills that could really help you in the future!

8) If volunteering isn’t something you would consider doing, try increasing your skills by taking a class or course….consider getting your life guard certification, check out Certified Nursing Assistant classes in your area, or check with your local Iowa State Extension office to see if they have any training programs or seminars that interest you!

9) Visit your local Workforce Development Center…..check with their staff on possible jobs or ways to build your skills!

10) Don’t delay……many summer jobs are lined up before the Easter break!

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