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November 11, 2014

World of Work or College – – which is right?

by Elaine Cook

Success in the New Economy is a video that may be interesting to share with your children/students as they are pondering what path to pursue after high school.

In a day and age where we are constantly pushing for more and more training, it’s important to remember that there are many ways to accomplish this besides by going to college and ending up with huge student loan debt that needs to be repaid.  There are many jobs available today,  for skilled workers.  What does that have to do with special education?  It’s critical that  students  have the opportunity to take as many hands-on career and technical classes as possible – – if this is a possible career interest area.  It’s important that they experience first hand the satisfaction (and sometimes frustration) of making/creating something on their own.  It’s important that they learn how to “do” and not just learn how to “sit!”

While it is true that some of our children/students will be working at high tech jobs that haven’t even been created yet, it is also true that there remains an important market for skilled workers.  Any of you who have needed an electrician to rewire a room, or a plumber to unclog your toilet, or a painter to transform drab into designer  knows exactly that.  We all have unique strengths, interests, and abilities, and it’s important for our children/students to explore what the best path is for them to take.


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