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New Transition Clinic at the Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD)

Do you know a teen with a disability, who wants to work on independence or discuss training/ employment options, transition to adult medical care, relationships, and other future plans?   CDD’s new Transition Clinic in Iowa City opens on Wednesday, January 21st and will run on the third Wednesday  of each month.

Anne Tabor and Joni Bosch have been working on transitions services for a long time.  Joni Bosch, Jennifer Luria, Mary Corbin, Tammy Becicka, Dr. Dianne McBrien, and Anne Tabor will be part of the team.

Below is a flyer that provides information about this new service.  Please share this information with others who may have interest in this service.


If you have any questions about CDD’s Transition Clinic, please contact:

  • Barb Thomas
  • Administrative Services Coordinator
  • Center for Disabilities and Development
  • (319) 356-1511

New Year = FAFSA time for College-Bound Seniors

First of all, we hope you all transitioned smoothly into the New Year!  (although as I write this, I am not a big fan of our first blizzard of 2015!)

So, this post is dedicated to those seniors who suddenly only have one short semester (or 1 & 1/2 trimesters) left before graduation!  Was that an audible groan I just heard?  It’s hard to imagine that it will be here before you know it!!

For college-bound seniors, it is important for your families to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)The web link has lots of great information, including:

  • Online Application
  • Deadlines
  • School Search Codes
  • FAFSA Filing Options
  • Announcements

Parent(s) and the student will both need to apply for an electronic pin.  Your electronic personal identification number  (PIN) will serve as your identifier to allow access to personal information in various U.S. Department of Education systems and will act as your digital signature on some online forms. If you do not already have a PIN, you can request one online by clicking APPLY FOR PIN. Your pin number will stay the same for your entire educational career, so be sure to keep it in a safe place!

The sooner you can complete this form, the better.  The catch?  You must have your taxes done prior to completing the FAFSA.  This make the process much easier since the FAFSA application will direct you specifically to put which line item from your taxes where on the FAFSA form.  And as with all scholarship money, it gets divvied up on a first-come, first-served basis by colleges, so the sooner  you get the FAFSA submitted, the better!

Many schools have Senior FAFSA night, where the High School Guidance Counselor will help explain the process.  Please contact them if you have any questions regarding this application process.