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Accommodations at College

Accommodations at college – – Check out each program carefully to find the best fit!

Eligibility for Academic Accommodations

MR / Washington, DC. Hoya Kids Learning Center at Georgetown University (private day care center for toddlers and preschoolers). ID: AI-gPhk. Early childhood teachers with laptap computer talk during their planning time. MR: Oco3, Zol1. © Ellen B. Senisi

Eligibility for academic accommodations in college is based on documented need. Documentation can be provided through the Support for Accommodation Request form (SAR instructions) or other school records.  The SAR is completed at the student’s exit IEP meeting at the end of the senior year.  After review by the college student disabilities services provider, additional information may be requested to determine a student’s eligibility for accommodations. The cost of any testing will be the responsibility of the student and family.


  • Accommodations may vary from each university/college/community college, and even within specific programs of study at the same college.
  • Each postsecondary school has a disability director (although titles may vary from place to place) and it is extremely important to discuss the accommodations that the possible program can provide for the student.
  • This should be an important factor in determining which university/college/community college is the best fit!

Academic Accommodations may include:

  • Note takers
  • Extended time for tests
  • Readers and/or scribes
  • Books in alternate formats
  • Computer assisted technology
  • Interpreter services
  • Accessible classrooms

Services of a personal nature are not considered academic accommodations. To access personal services, students will need to contact the academic support/enrichment person on campus, their Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, and/or the Iowa Department for the Blind.

Personal services may include:

  • Tutoring
  • Drivers
  • Personal attendant

Other resources

Again, be sure to carefully research options before making the final postsecondary training choice!


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