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AEA Zoom Recording: 2019-2020

The Transition Coordinators will host monthly half-hour zoom meetings starting at NOON on the dates and topics listed below during the 2019-2020 school year. These transition topics are vital to know in order to better serve our students & families.  The Transition Coordinators will review important basics about each topic, and answer any relevant questions, as time permits.

Below are the links for the AEA zoom sessions that will be/were recorded during the 2019-20 school year. They will be added after they occur. Simply click on the date to watch the session you want if you were unable to attend.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 10th  –    Updated Graduation Requirements:  Certificate vs Diploma

** Vitals in Transition PowerPoint- Graduation Updates 9-10-19

  • Tuesday, Oct. 8th    –    4+ Program & Voc Rehab Changes & Updates  

  • Tuesday, Nov. 12th –    Updates on the Transition Alignment Process from DE  

  • Tuesday, Dec. 10th  –    Updated Graduation Requirements:  Certificate vs Diploma

  • Tuesday, 14th          –    Self-Advocacy & Student-Led IEPs 

  • Tuesday, Feb. 11th –   Habilitation Services (Mental Health & Waiver Homes)  

  • Tuesday, Mar. 10th  –    Accommodations:  Empower not Enable  

  • Tuesday, April 14th     –    Waiver Homes – Where to Begin?