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AEA Zoom Recordings: 2017-18

Here are the links for the AEA zoom sessions that are being/were recorded during the 2017-18 school year. They will be added as they occur.  Simply click on the date to watch the session you want.


  • Tuesday, Sept. 12th   –    Classroom Management:  Using your Paras Efficiently


  • Tuesday, Oct. 10th  –    Moving Student Forward:  Important Tools at your Fingertips


  • Tuesday, Nov. 14th –   Accommodations:  Do They Hurt More than They Help?


  • Tuesday, Dec. 12th  –   “Letting Go” – Encouraging Student Self Advocacy 


  • Tuesday, Jan. 9th           –     Employability Goals:  Forms and Documentation 


  • Tuesday, Feb. 13th  –     4+ Programs:  Changes & Updates


  • Tuesday, Mar. 13th –     Voc Rehab – – Updates on WIOA


  • Tuesday, April 10th  –     The Wrap:  What worked, what didn’t, and what was missed?