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Printing our resources – – let the learning continue! :-)

Whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” certainly is wrong, and my experience with our new blog is constant proof of this!

My new learning for this week was when an AEA co-worker said that she could not print any of the resources we had told her were on our great new sight.   Being the visual learner that I am, I had her show me the steps she was taking…. which then made me wonder if anyone else out there has also had this problem?  So here goes with the explanation!

When you go to the tabs (Teacher, Student, Parent, Resources, etc) and choose a link to open, there will be a short description/explanation of the resource that is waiting for you up “in the cloud!”  (Still can’t wrap my head around that nebulous concept!!)

If you want to see the attachment that is described, you need to CLICK on the  title/wording that is in bold blue letters, and the document will then open, and you can print it if you would like.

My AEA co-worker was going to the BOTTOM of the post, where there are options to link/share the post on either Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, or Print.   She was trying the print the document from there (which could seem logical) but was only getting the blog page to print, since that is the function of this print button.

So, please know the resources really are there and waiting for you to view &/or print, but you must CLICK on the bold, blue letters to open it first.  Happy clicking!!


To blog or not to blog… that is the question!

As our Transition Department pondered how we could better serve our teachers, students, and parents, we had an epiphany.   It went something like this:   “A blog, you say?  But none of us are very tech savvy… yes, it would force us to learn…. okay, we could get information out to more people at a click of a button….  OK!  Let’s do it!!!”    🙂

It is our hope that this blog site will be a useful tool for you.  We have linked most of the resources we have shared from past trainings, so if you need quick access to something, it should now be only a “click” away!  We will also be posting new updates, ah-ha’s, etc. to keep you informed of any changes or ideas that may help you with transition planning.

And, if you are like us, we forget to go back and check those great sights that we find.  To simplify this, you can sign up to have an email sent to you anytime we post something new, so you will automatically be reminded to check it out.  This is  done by going to the right side of the page,  under the SEARCH box.  There are two options you can choose from:  you can either subscribe via RSS  or subscribe via Email.  If you click on the “subscribe via email” then you will get email notices sent directly to the address you designate.  I know I certainly need all the reminders I can get!

So, if you have any transition questions, suggestions, or recommendations, please let us know!  We look forward to blogging and learning with you!