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Make Your Mark 2020 Conference goes virtual!

The Iowans with Disabilities in Action just released information on their upcoming Make Your Mark 2020 virtual conference.  The theme is Your VISION for the Future.  For more information and to register, click on REGISTER NOW below.

To register for the MAKE YOUR MARK 2020 Conference click REGISTER NOW

Please pass the word – -Those who register by August 11, 2020 will receive a conference T-shirt and bag. Registration closes on August 28th.


Check out the updated Voc Rehab Pre-ETS summer opportunities for students

Check out the updated Voc Rehab opportunities that are available for students!  Please pass this along and make sure your students and families are aware of these great learning experiences!   Please visit to register for the sessions you are interested in attending!

You can download the brochure here:  IVRS Summer Pre-ETS Statewide Activities Flyer


AEA OT/PT Postsecondary Transition Conference – April 2-3

If you are looking for some great ideas that combine both OT/PT and transition, have we got a deal for you!

Consider attending the AEA OT/PT Postsecondary Transition Conference on April 2 -3rd in Altoona, IA.

Click here to register:    using course 182391

  • Register by March 27th
  • Lunch provided
  • 12.0 CEUs available
  • Cost: $85





New Self-Advocacy tools

At our last zoom (January 14, 2020) on Self-Advocacy and  Student-led IEPs, we shared two new forms that you may want to consider using to help students with their long term planning.  Both of these tools are from the ME!  Lessons for Teaching Self Awareness & Self Advocacy Curriculum.  This is located at the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment at the  University of Oklahoma.

The first form was the Self Awareness Project Planning Guide.   This form can help organize information into a beginning three-step process that aligns with their living, learning, and working goals.



The second form was “Where do I go from here?” This form again is aligned with the student’s postsecondary expectations but helps break the process down into different actions to help them see what responsibilities they may need to take to make it happen.


These two new forms will also be posted on the TEACHER tab, under Student Led IEPs.


Links corrected on new Google forms!!

The links have been corrected on the two new Google versions of the  General Education Classroom summaries that were posted on January 5th so you should now be able to open them and save a copy.

Thanks to KM for the heads-up that these were not workable links!!  🙂

And sorry that we forgot to make the sharing changes so you could access them!

Now, go make a copy and get some good information to share with your families!  🙂




Regular Diploma Guidance for Families

Check out the video link below! This is NOT new information, but it is in a NEW FORMAT. This video follows the text of the family guidance document on this topic. It is easy to watch and to listen to, and should be helpful to families.!


County Services & Community Providers

We had a great zoom meeting today, and the recording will be added under the EVENTS tab, then under the 2018-2019 recordings.  We discussed multiple considerations for possible services and supports that families may want to consider for their child(ren) as appropriate.  Topics discussed were:

  • Photo ID
  • Guardianship or Power of Attorney
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Waiver Services
  • Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Selective Service

There are so many resources available, and it is hard to know what possible some of the options are for families.  Please share this PDF or connect them to the recording.  And if you have any specific questions, please let us know!

 County Services & Community Providers

The video of our zoom can be found under the EVENTS tab on our website;  go to AEA Zooms 2018-2019 and scroll down to find the link to watch the recorded zoom.  There may be helpful discussion included on that based on the attached PDF above.


Letting Go – Encouraging Self-Advocacy Skills

Last month our transition zoom was on the importance of letting go and helping encourage (model) self-advocacy skills for our students.  This is a critical life skill that needs to be embedded into our students’ each and every day, in order to help prepare them for life after high school.   Be sure to help them develop these important skills!


Potential HBCS Service Changes – – Please share with your families

Please share this info with your teams,  teachers, and families!  This is important information to get out to our families of students who receive services through a waiver. See message below:

A third Managed Care Organization by the name of Iowa Total Care will be entering the system on July 1st.  Medicaid recipients will be redistributed to include this third provider.  Letters will be sent in March to families with an announcement of who their new MCO provider will be (if changed).  If families are notified that they are reassigned and they want to stay with their current provider, they will have until June 18th to deny the change.  The request to change to a different MCO will only be allowed at this time unless in an annual open enrollment period.

Your students/families who receive HCBS services will likely (with some exceptions) be getting a letter with information about their reassignment.  Families need to be aware that they DO NOT have to accept this reassignment.  They have until June 18 to make their wishes known or their reassignment will be enacted. Please review this information with families as you see fit.

DHS – informational letter – Member Open Choice 


Voc Rehab Counselors List Updated & HS vs College Accommodations List

Just wanted everyone to know that IVRS has filled some open positions, and the IVRS Counselors by School 2018-2019 contact sheet has been updated to reflect these changes.  If you printed the list this fall, you will need to print the updated version for your file.

Also, as many IEPs are being held yet, we are attaching a sheet entitled Differences between High School & College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities  that is used  by one of our local community colleges.  At each high school IEP, it is important to review student’s accommodations and modifications to see if they still need/use all of them listed on the previous IEP.  It is also very important to discuss that VERY FEW high school accommodations will follow them to college, and almost NO modifications will be allowed at the postsecondary level.  It is important to help the student understand how this may impact their postsecondary plans,