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Disability Services @ College

First, it is critically important to understand that the services a student has gotten while in high school DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY follow them to college.  This is because postsecondary institutions must follow Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines which is different from high schools, which must follow IDEA guidelines.

Services at each postsecondary institution can vary greatly.  It is important to connect with the Disability Service Directors/Coordinators when going on college visits to discuss what accommodations that particular university/college is able to provide. (These will be based on services that the student has previously received on their IEP in high school.)

Each community college/college/university is required to have a disability director &/or disability services office.  As you/your child explores potential colleges, type “disability services” into the search bar on the college website to find out who to contact.  The disability services website will tell you the process to request accommodations; many have an online application that must be completed.

Students should call or make an appointment to visit with the disability director when they are scheduling college visits.  This person needs to be their new best friend while they transition to postsecondary classwork!  🙂

PS:  It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to do this as soon as possible.  College work is much more challenging, and it is better to start out using the approved accommodations as students transition to their new environment instead of trying to dig out of a deep hole later!

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