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Waiver Services 101

Iowa Department of Human Services has created a brochure that explains Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) that each of the waivers provides.  There may be some changes, but click on Are Home & Community Services Right for You for more information.

Waiver Services 101 is a handy resource sheet to help get a better understanding of Home and Community-based waivers in Iowa that are available people with various disabilities.    There are multiple links to the waiver applications, as well as, short explanations regarding who each waiver serves.  It also lists possible services that the various waivers may be able to provide, once you are approved.

There is also an application guideline that may be helpful in understanding the critical steps in this process.

The rule:  the sooner you can apply, the better, since the wait list is constantly growing longer and longer!  (Currently, there is a three year wait list for the intellectual disability waiver.)

Click WAIVER INFORMATION for a direct link for more information.

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