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Driver’s License – Online Practice Tests

If you have a few minutes and need to practice for your Iowa Driver’s License check out the links below.  The Iowa Department of Transportation has some great ways for students to practice for their driver’s license test.  If you need it for Android, iPad, Kindle Fire, or your desk top, there is an App for you!  🙂

CLICK here:  Iowa Driver Practice Test site:

Iowa DOT practice tests

There is also a new option that has an additional link you can open easily on your desktop! Iowa DOT practice test 2

Click on the DOT Motor Vehicle Link and you can also access the other options (Android, iPad, Kindle Fire) here as well.  These are very easy to use sites that your student/child can practice when they have some spare time.

The entire Driver’s License Manuel may also be viewed online (and printed in sections, if desired) for easy access.

Thanks, Iowa DOT, for making this available for use!