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General Education Classroom Summary: paper & Google doc format

General Education Classroom Summary (updated Fall 2019) is a tool to gather data from the general education classroom teachers regarding student performance and participation. This form now has a front & a backside, so hopefully, it will capture more transferrable (soft) skills that will be important for students to have as they transition to life after high school. It is a great way to gather input about the student’s work habits – – those important transferrable skills – – from a variety of sources to use on the IEP.


General Education Classroom Summary – Version 1 GOOGLE form: This is similar to the printable one-page version on this site, but with the ease of a Google form.  If you choose to use it, be sure to first SAVE A COPY for your own personal use.  Then, each time you want to use it, save it for each specific student you are using it for because Google will allow you to print a compiled list of your teacher’s responses that you can share at the student’s meeting.  This is a great way to share this information with parents.


General Education Classroom Survey – Version 2 GOOGLE form:  This form is similar to the one above, and was shared with us by Manson NW Webster teacher Alexandrea Hanson, so thanks!!  Again, you would need to SAVE A COPY of this form for your own personal use, just like above.


The General Education Classroom Summary in its original one-page version is also still available.

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