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More Successful Transition Planning: 20 Top Questions using IHAPI

More Successful Transition Planning:  20 Top Questions and Ways to Answer Them using I have A Plan Iowa is a IHAPI logogreat resource to use with your students.

This document has just one major purpose: to answer questions most often asked by students and teachers about preparing for transition to post-secondary education or employment. While this document will help provide similar assistance to any student, our focus is on those students with special needs for whom state and federal laws set specific requirements for transition planning.

How is this document organized?
In our experience, most of the resources needed for good transition planning already exist in schools. Therefore, this document is organized around a two-step process.
First, it is necessary to identify the need for assistance as seen by the student and their family. One way to do this is to listen to the questions being asked. For example:

  • “How is this course going to help me in my career?”

(The need: to establish the relationship between the content of the course and the student’s career goals.)

  •  “I’d like to be a teacher, but how can I afford college?”

(The need: to locate information about financial aid.)

  •  “We want Johnny to go to college, but what should he study?”

(The need being expressed seems to be about relationships between skills and majors; additional
information might also be needed in this instance.)
By using the “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) format for this document, you can simply skim the table of contents of the 20 Questions guide for each product to find the question you want answered. For each question, we will give you specific suggestions for transition activities. We also provide an estimate of the average amount of time, in minutes, that students will need to complete the activity.
Second, once you know the need, the right resources must be identified and used. For each question, we will identify resources in the system, which is very likely to be available to students and families you are assisting. A few questions require use of alternative resources, however. We have included several such resources that are useful in transition, and are low-cost or free.
Most of the activities encourage the student to create a printout or some permanent product. Some of the activities suggest that the student discuss ideas with a teacher or parent. Using the activity boxes will work well for a student who is capable of using the computer, follows written directions easily, works independently to get an answer, and is able to process the results.
For students who require more explicit step-by-step instructions and process time, consider using the supplementary worksheets rather than the activity boxes. The worksheets will support the student with a process-oriented fill-in-the-blanks format. This will result in a permanent product to share with the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team.

Make your i have a plan IOWA career resources more effective for students with Individualized Education Plans.

These supplementary worksheets (designed to accompany the Transition Planning Guide) can be used in student IEPs.

For a complete list of these, click TRANSITION PLANNING GUIDE WORKSHEETS and create your very own professional account for complete access to these and many other great resources!

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