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Considerations for 4+ Programs

Click Considerations for 4+ programs for a helpful cheat sheet to use in determining steps needed to take when considering if a 4+ program is appropriate for students.

There are many factors to consider as the IEP team weighs what the best options are for the students, and these should be the starting point in the discussions:

  • Can the Course of Study be changed to give additional vocational classes in their area of interest while the student is still in high school? (CNA, welding, etc.)
  • If the student’s schedule does not currently accommodate these classes, can they return for an additional semester or two of high school?
  • Could the student benefit from a district SchooltoWork program for job exploration and to learn employability skills?

The IEP team determines if unmet vocational needs cannot be met through the high school programming.  If they cannot, then further conversations during the student’s junior year may be necessary.

** NOTE:  Discussing the option of a 4+ program does not mean that the team is formally recommending it at that time.  The student may need to demonstrate improved attendance, improved social/emotional skills, etc. prior to the team making their final recommendation during the student’s senior year.

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