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Self-Advocacy Tools

The following two tools are from the ME!  Lessons for Teaching Self Awareness & Self Advocacy Curriculum.  This is located at the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment at the  University of Oklahoma.  There is a wealth of information at this site, and these may be helpful if you are looking for resources to use with your students to help develop their self-determination skills.

The first form was the Self Awareness Project Planning Guide.   This form can help organize information into a beginning three-step process that aligns with their living, learning, and working goals.  There are more pages to this, so if you want to see the rest, click HERE. Then use whichever pages fit your need.

The second form was “Where do I go from here?” This form again is aligned with the student’s postsecondary expectations but helps break the process down into different actions to help them see what responsibilities they may need to take to make it happen.



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