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Student Questionnaire Transition Planning

The Student Questionnaire Transition Planning  tool was developed by the Connecticut State Department of Education/Bureau of Special Education’s Transition Task Force as a part of their Transition Training Manual.

It states to select 10-15 of the questions that are relevant to the student you are interviewing.  Of course, you can choose the questions based on the specific student.  The questionnaire has the following sections:

  • Defining your vision
  • Employment/Vocational Questions
  • Education Questions
  • Living Options
  • Medical/Legal
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Personal/Family Relationships

This tool provides a great list of questions for you to consider.  You can choose simply one section (for example:  Employment/Vocation Questions) or choose as many sections that are appropriate.  Remember, as with all the other assessments/interviews, you can use only the sections that are applicable.

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