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O*NET – a great classroom resource!

So, how many of you have students who seem to have an unrealistic transition plan?  As a freshman/sophomore, they still have time to explore more options, but as your students enter their junior year, it is critically important that they understand their abilities need to fit together with the required skills for their desired career.

If you have never used O*NET Online, this site can help students understand some of the skills and abilities they will need for their intended career path.

There are two basic ways to research possible careers:  one is quick and easy, and provides basic job information; the other is also quick, but provides much more job-specific detail.

The quick way for your students to explore possible careers is by typing their career choice  in the box shown herONET - I want to be a....e:

This will take them to a page where they have three options:  They can search by a specific career, by the related industry, or even by answering some questions to help determine possible careers that match their interests.  This gives them some quick and easy information on a possible career.

Now, if your students want more in-depth  information regarding a specific career, then you need to direct them to the box shown below:

ONET Search OccupationsWhen they type their specific career in this box, they will get a much more detailed list of information regarding their intended career.  It gives lists for each career in the following areas:

  • Tasks
  • Tools and Technology
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • and many, many more!

This provides a great talking point to help the student see if their abilities and skills are a good fit for their chosen career.   It can show them areas that they may need to work on while still in high school to help make their transition to postsecondary training go more smoothly.

The O*NET site has a great wealth of information that is easy for both you and your students to access, and provide a valuable discussion for transition planning.  Have them highlight the skills/abilities that they feel that are strengths, as well as marking those that they feel could be problem areas.  Discuss possible options they have to improve those areas.

If  you have any questions about using this O*NET site, please contact your transition coordinator.  And encourage your students to dig deep as they explore their options!

~ Elaine Cook


South Central Calhoun Mini Grant

On April 22, 2013, Mrs. Karen Gorden, special education teacher at South Central Calhoun High School, took her junior and senior Career Club students on a 21st century skills field trip, thanks to the mini grant she received from our AEA Transition Department.  Her goal was to show the students a variety of  options that may help prepare them for success after high school.   The first place on their tour was a stop at IowaWORKS Center, where the available resources could help them with future employment needs,  The next stop was at Pizza Hut, where students experienced and discussed examples of necessary workplace skills, along with enjoying pizza for lunch!  Then they toured Iowa Central Community College, where they got to explore different vocational programs of study.  Their final stop was the POET Biorefining Plant near Gowrie, which gave the students an inside look at an ethanol plant.

Check out the PowerPoint of their adventure at:    AEA Transition Grant – SCC ppt

The day provided many eye-opening experiences for the students and teacher alike, and they hope they can do another trip next year!