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Transition Check Sheet – Learning & Working

This is a handy checklist for teachers to rate the student’s current learning and working skills. This sheet was developed by a special education teacher who wanted a tool to collect specific data. Thank you, Chris Mathews, for sharing it so other teachers can use it as well.

The Transition Check List – Learning and Working has a column for the student to rate their skills, which is followed by a column for the teacher to rate how they feel the student is doing in the same area. This can provide a great conversational tool.

Each item is rated as a “Y” for yes, “N” for no, “R” for with Reminders, or “W” for needs to Work on.

There is a second version of this entitled Transition Check Sheet – Living, which can be found under the TEACHERS tab, then under Transition Planning Forms; then under the Transition Interview tab, and finally under Parent Interviews.

These are both great tools to add to your transition toolbox.

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