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  1. Christina West
    Jan 14 2017

    If my daughter says she only defended herself and the school video tape will prove she is right,can the school refuse me a copy or even to review the tape? The altercation was at a basketball game at my daughter’s school. If the school suspends my daughter she will go to just for 90 says. If my daughter is not innocent,then she should pay for the assault according to the law. Either way I love her and I will stand by her mistakes and all. I was told by the school,they have no control what kids say or do once they leave school? If you went to my school,and I found out you were up to no good,off of school grounds,I would do everything I can to help you. No, the school is not responsible for my child once the last bill rings and my child is off property. Are they still one of my students? Yes. If my student was getting hurt at home,and I found out,would I protect them? Yes.not because I’m obligated to report it,but because I will protect any child,adult,family,friend,or adult that needs my help. I know all too well what could happen when nobody protects you. A lifelong battle I deal with because I had no one that saw it as their problem. Isn’t it morally,in some cases against against the law,to know about something if the end result causes harm to another and not report it or help??? Aren’t you also guilty if you knew,and didn’t help? Yes. Children depend on us to protect them,stand up for them,stand up for themselves,etc. It only takes one person that cares enough to stop the wrongs.


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